Benefits and uses of seawater: a healthy and versatile source for your wellbeing

Seawater has been valued since ancient times for its therapeutic properties and its ability to promote health and well-being. Today, it has become a topic of interest in the field of nutrition and hydrotherapy. In this article, we will explore in detail the benefits and uses of seawater, and how it can contribute to healthy eating and improve our quality of life. In addition, we will introduce you to our company, Vizmaraqua, based in Jaén, which offers quality seawater and delivers to different parts of the world. You will also find innovative recipes that include seawater as a main ingredient, discover the secrets of this valuable natural source and take advantage of its benefits!

Benefits of seawater

Seawater has a unique composition that distinguishes it from other types of water. It contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements essential for our bodies, making it an excellent choice for daily use, as offered by the Aqua de mar brand. Here are some of the most outstanding benefits:

  1. Revitalises and remineralises the body: ingesting cold microfiltered seawater can play a key role in modulating the immune system and mitigating the effects of conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis and chronic muscle pain.
  2. Soothes heartburn and gastritis: Thanks to its alkalinity and bicarbonate content, seawater is recognised for its ability to reduce excessive acid production in the stomach, thus relieving heartburn and gastritis.
  3. Promotes oral health and fights bad breath: A daily mouthwash with seawater can help maintain good oral health and have positive effects on inflammatory processes. In addition, regular use can prevent the formation of cavities and combat bad breath.
  4. Hydration in sports training: Many athletes opt for seawater as a hydration option after their workouts, as it can aid in muscle recovery and replenish minerals lost during intense physical activity. MarSport products offer a practical and convenient solution for those looking for a natural and effective way to rehydrate after exercise, as they contain a balanced combination of minerals and electrolytes present in seawater, helping to restore the body’s electrolyte balance and facilitate optimal recovery. In addition, our products are designed with convenience and ease of use in mind, making them an ideal choice for athletes who want to stay hydrated effectively. Whether for high-performance athletes or fitness enthusiasts, Marsport offers a natural and beneficial alternative for post-workout hydration.

Uses of seawater

In addition to its direct consumption, seawater has a number of practical applications in our daily lives. Here are some of its most popular uses:

  1. Healthy cooking: Our Maraqua brand stands out for offering filtered and purified seawater, rich in essential minerals that enhance the flavour of your dishes. Did you know that you can use seawater as a salt substitute in your recipes? By mixing one part seawater with four parts mineral or tap water, you can significantly reduce the amount of sodium present in your usual culinary preparations. This way, your meals will be healthier without sacrificing the delicious taste we all love.
    On the Maraqua website, you will find a wide variety of recipes that use seawater as a key ingredient. From stews and soups to fish dishes and salads, these recipes will show you how to enhance the natural flavours of food with the unique touch of seawater.
  1. Mouthwash: A daily seawater rinse can complement your oral hygiene routine and help maintain a healthy, fresh mouth. Its antibacterial and remineralising properties can help prevent oral diseases and promote a radiant smile.
  2. Wound care and healing: Seawater has also been used in the field of dermatology and wound care. Its antimicrobial properties and its ability to promote cell regeneration can accelerate the healing process and improve skin health.
  3. Pet care: Surprisingly, seawater can also be beneficial for our pets. It can be used as a rinse to clean their wounds or as part of their diet to provide essential minerals and improve their overall health. It is always important to consult a veterinarian before incorporating new elements into your pet’s diet.

Vizmaraqua: Your reliable source of sea water

At Vizmaraqua, we are a leading company in the production and distribution of high quality seawater, located in Jaén. We are proud to offer seawater from the prestigious Cabo de Gata region, famous for its crystal clear waters and beneficial properties. Our production process includes careful microfiltration and mineral enrichment to provide you with a top quality product ready to integrate into your healthy lifestyle. We are committed to ensuring the purity and safety of our products through rigorous processing and filtration. In addition, in order to bring the benefits of seawater everywhere, we ship to destinations around the world. So, no matter where you are, you can enjoy the countless benefits that Vizmaraqua seawater has to offer.

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