Avoid muscle cramps thanks to seawater

Seawater is very beneficial for our organism, although it is not advisable to consume it untreated due to its high salt content. However, at Vizmaraqua we are specialists in making seawater completely suitable for human consumption, which means that you can enjoy its characteristics by drinking it directly.

But… What are these good characteristics? A few weeks ago we told you in our post ‘Seawater for therapeutic purposes’ about many of the uses that are currently given to this product. And, in addition to these, it is also widely used in the world of sport. And that brings us to the subject of today’s article: avoiding muscle cramps during or after sport.

Avoid muscle cramps with seawater

If you are an athlete, chances are that at some point you have suffered from the typical painful cramps that often follow a demanding sporting activity. In that case, we have good news for you: seawater prevents muscle cramps. Of course, muscle cramps are quite normal if you practice sport at high intensity. And avoiding them is a goal that everyone wants to achieve.

Beyond getting rid of the pain, which can be quite intense, what no athlete wants is for those cramps to come at the worst possible time. Because if they appear during a competition, they can ruin all the work done beforehand. But how is it possible to avoid cramps with seawater? It is as simple as drinking Vizmaraqua water.

What properties does muscle water have for sport?

OK, so you know that seawater can help you avoid this problem. But why? Basically because it has properties that make it unique for sports. The facts are clear: this water contains more than 75 different minerals and trace elements. And it is precisely this that helps to prevent cramps, as its consumption facilitates the correct development of the different phases of sporting activity.

Thus, by simply drinking it, it is possible to cover all the basic nutritional needs of sportsmen and women while exercising. But that is not the only thing, as it is also possible to enjoy a greater capacity for rehydration after consumption, as well as having a greater bioavailability of nutrients.

Minerals make the difference

In terms of its components, as mentioned above, there are more than 75 different minerals. However, not all of them are equally important and not all of them appear in the same quantity. In terms of sport, these are the most important of all the minerals found in ocean and sea water:

  • Sodium and potassium: these minerals are involved in the hydration process and allow hydration to take place in the correct proportion.
  • Magnesium: magnesium helps to protect the muscular system, acting as a lubricant and promoting muscle stretching and contraction, which helps to prevent injuries.
  • Zinc: this is one of the most important minerals for sports, as it is easily lost through sweating and it is essential to replenish it.
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